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Our Slim Escorts London have a lot of energy, find out how to improve your sex life.

Having a satisfying sex life has improved well-being and reduced the risk of suffering from diseases. That is why improving in this area is essential and with these tips, we assure you that you will be able to surprise our Slim Escorts London.

  1. Talk dirty: most women are more aroused by words than by visual cues. That’s why saying exciting and dirty phrases in bed will be an advantage for you. Stimulation through words also plays a significant role when it comes to having sex, and is that, along with the prices of the game you can start trying with the voice to raise the temperature of the encounter much more than you think. 
  2. Foreplay: this is essential, our Slim Escorts London have a lot of energy due to their slim bodies. This will help you to pace them and make them get turned on much more manageable, explore as much as you want, and be willing to find new pleasure points. You’ll both be glad you did. Did you know that some girls can even reach orgasm simply by stimulating their nipples? Lucky for you our slim-bodied ladies have boobs with more nerve endings, you’ll be the best!
  3. Start and stop: if you are looking to last longer during your special evening with our Slim Escorts London you can try this technique. To carry it out, you must stop the sexual activity every time your stiff cock is about to release all that it has inside. One tip is to take a deep breath and start slowly again, then stop to delay ejaculation as long as you want. This will help you even during intense sex and you will be able to compensate for all the energy these girls have in store for you. You’ll love how much they’ll make you feel in one night!
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