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Why 69 is one of the most preferred and hardest position

When it comes to sex positions, we all have our preferred ones, but at the same time, there are positions that everyone likes trying, and for sure, one of them is 69. But why is 69 so popular, and why are there people who don’t feel comfortable at first? We have done some research and concluded that you get lots of joy during the 69, but if you are not in a perfect position, it will become uncomfortable. Indeed, practice is the only way for you to master this position, but if you practice with someone who is not good at this, then it will become stressful, and you won’t like to do it again. What should you do in this case and what is the best way to learn how to have a perfect 69 position.

69 is the position where you have to put your mouth near the partner’s genitals and start kissing, licking, and sucking. Playing with your partner’s genitals is the key, and you have to combine soft and fast. Not standing in a good position will give you bad feelings and for sure you will stop immediately. We suggest you take a look at our website and find out girls who will provide you with a 69. After this, you have to pick the one that you think fits you better. Now, all you need to do is book a date with this cutie, and we will make sure that you will have 69 position with one of the best escorts in London. For sure you are going to learn from the best, so you will become the best. All our girls are experienced, and the services that they afford are services that will be executed by elite escorts. This is a fact approved by all the clients who have booked call girls in our company. Everyone who reviewed our escorts added five stars on them, and this means a lot to up.

So if you have always loved to try this position, but you were never braved enough to try it because you thought that you would mess everything up, then you know what to do. Now that you have enough reasons and facts about why you should try 69 position you have to remove all the doubts. Give us a call and book a date with a beautiful blonde, brunette, thick, curvy, Asian, European, and all of these girls will give you a perfect 69 position. Another reason you should book in our company is that our girls provide incall and outcall so no matter where you are they will be only a few minutes away. Now pick up your phone and call our number. A beautiful voice is going to respond to ask you for the perfect time for you to meet each other. Let’s hope that you will be free at the same moment, and then we are sure that you will be one of the clients who will do a five-star review.

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